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Hi, my name is Omotosho Adebayo. I am the Digital Health & Lead Consultant for Rocapy Nigeria, I have over 7 years working experience, closely interfacing with customers that have suffered similar skin irritations like yourself. One of my biggest take home for each experience is that different skin react differently to each treatment. This is why, the management of Rocapy has assigned me to take you personally on your skin routine to help fight these embarrassing skin irritations.

From now till the next 7 days, I and the CEO of Rocapy Nigeria (Mr Matthew Onalaja), will walk you through the process with our free skin consulting. We’ll appreciate if you can take out time to first, kindly submit a picture of your present skin condition via the live chat, at the bottom of this page. I hope this will be a great experience for you, and the start to eradicate all disturbing skin irritations. We advise you to please follow all recommendations judiciously, and we pray God grants you quick recovery through this process.

Adebayo Omotosho

Digital Health & Lead Consultant