Rocapy Affiliate Guide

by in Affiliate Resources June 23, 2022

Here is the Rocapy Affiliate Guide that will tour you through our dashboard. Please, follow the steps and sign up for our affiliate program here.

1.) When you submit the registration form, you will be directed to our affiliate dashboard that looks like this. If you haven’t confirmed your email address via email, you won’t be presented with the dashboard as seen below. Please, ensure that you confirm your registration and follow the steps to provide your payout information (Payment option or Bank details).

2.) Create periodic or custom campaigns so you can create custom links that fit your campaigns

3.) 1. Click on “Affiliate Links” to create your custom campaign link. 2. Select your name from the dropdown field “Affiliate ID/Name”. 3 Paste any url of our website in the field and 4. Hit “Generate Link” button to create your custom affiliate link.

4.) You’ll get a referral code, a unique affiliate link, and a QR code you can use at live events.

5.) Here, you’ll find create ads banners. You can copy the image banner code to paste to your website side bars and headers.

6.) Here, you can send an email to a friend or prospect directly from your dashboard.

7.) You can enter your own domain name website URL where you talked about our website. We will approve it. If a visitor checks our website just after leaving your website without clicking on your unique `URL, you will earn from his or her purchase.

8.) Browse other tabs to see your Refferals, their visits. Check your earning in your wallet and the leaderboard or linked coupon(s) too.

Rocapy Affiliate Guide

9.) The profile tab and dropdowns allows you to set your affiliate account.

10.) Coupon referral, we issue coupon referrals to qualified influencers, valued bloggers, companies who sell complementary products and beauty/fashion event owners. Request a coupon via live chat, and we’ll let you know if you qualify for it. If your coupon is approved, you will see it located at the menu tab “Linked Coupon(s)”.

These coupon is customised in your name or brand name such that when customers use your coupon they get discount off it, and you also get a commission off that customer.

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