Rocapy is here to fight skin infection

Save your skin or help someone

ROCAPY SOAP + CREAM + OIL are very active for skin exfoliation, stretchmarks removal, treats skin blemishes(pimples, eczema, black spots, acne)
They do more than that, they exfoliate your skin to give you flawless, smooth, fresh and bright skin tone, treats pimples, spots as well. They don’t bleach or darken the skin.
​Rocapy ANTISTRETCHMARK/SKIN EXFOLIATING SOAP, CREAM and OIL are very effective for fading stretchmarks within 30-90 days with money-back guarantee after 90 days of consistent use

Matthew Honourlaja

Our Profile

Honourlaja Resources, manufacturer of Rocapy Products (Rocapy Antistretchmark Soap, Rocapy Antistretchmark & Natural Toning Cream and Rocapy Oil) is a start-up establishment located in Sango, Ogun State, Nigeria. Rocapy Products are catching the interest of a regular loyal customer base with its brand. The company is building a strong market position in the country and in the continent of Africa.


Rocapy offers her products at competitive prices to meet the demand of the middle-to-higher income markets

A dream team to hand out dream smiles.

It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make sure our medication is reaching out to as many communities as it can so customers everywhere have access to our products. We’re fortunate to have some of the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.

Dedicated Support

Our team her dedicated to render maximum support to both prospects and customers