About Us

Why Rocapy?

Rocapy soap cream and oil will exfoliate your skin to give you flawless, smooth, fresh skin tone, treats pimples, and spots. They don’t bleach or darken the skin.

Rocapy body cream and oil fades stretch marks within 30-90 days for a money back guarantee after 90 days.

Who we are

Honourlaja Resources is a fast rising startup that manufactures Rocapy Antistretchmark Soap, Rocapy Antistretchmark & Natural Toning Cream and Rocapy Oil.

Our products have dominated the fast-growing cosmetic industry and are becoming popular in Africa and Nigeria.

Our Support

It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make sure our medication reaches as many communities as it can so customers everywhere have access to our products. We’re fortunate to have the best team dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.

We have rebranded ROCAPY

We’re excited to show off the refreshed ROCAPY logo, products, and company brand to offer the optimal beauty our products provide.

Another reason we rebranded our logo, products and entire company brand was to align with our values of quality, efficiency and performance.

Rebranded Rocapy


How we started

Rocapy for Stretch Marks Treatment started with a dream and became a dream come through. Our liquid soap works on stretchmarks.

Rocapy was created to help remove stretchmarks with a liquid and natural soap. With the company’s effective formula, you can target the upper layer of skin (epidermis) to relax fibrous tissues by breaking up tough stringy fibers that make up scar tissues.


Clears Irritation

Our products contains natural ingredients that eliminates toxins, dirt, pollution, and other impurities from the skin in other to treat skins afflicted by itching, stinging, burning.
The Ingredients used penetrates into the skin easily with antioxidant benefits to the skin, to help keep it soft and healthy.


Quick Healing

They also help to increase skin’s elasticity and has healing capacity for the damaged skin fibre which also helps in improving the skin tone, thus fade away the stretch marks.


Provides Nutrient

These natural ingredients increases the supply of nutrients to skin and makes it flexible to support the collagen fibre and improves the skin thereby binding the collagen and elastin fibre. Our products are rich in ingredients with anti inflammatory and regenerative properties.